Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Pumpkkin For All Reasons~

I've been waiting for the opportunity to post photos of this FABULOUS stitched pumpkin that a customer of Sandy Bailey/Fancy Stitches in Cleburne, TX created.  The reason this is so special is because this customer, (and sadly, I do not know her name), decided to depart from my original design; the colors and the stitch guide and MAKE IT HER OWN!!

Can I tell you how wonderful that is?  I am Thrilled when someone does that!  It means that they are not afraid to create what their heart and mind tell them to do.  In this case, she took my black and white sculptural pumpkin, painted over the canvas pieces with orange paint herself, and then stitched it so beautifully that all who have seen it have swooned!

Now, let me say that I pretty much love my pumpkin too.  It was a collaboration between Nandra Hotchkiss and myself.  We each stitched 3 of the panels, coming up with the threads and stitches.  Here is what our Sculptural Pumpkin looks like finished.

Our pumpkin, basically all black and white with a little subtle color here and there, is definitely a Halloween pumpkin!  The fabric lining the panels is where the color resides...all bright oranges, reds and fushias.  The black crows have found a home there, making their nest inside of it, along with some autumn leaves.

Now here is the result of what Fancy Stitches Stitcher did with the canvases when she received them.  The finishing was a collaboration between myself and my sister Dorothy.  We each worked on parts of it. 

The fabrics chosen to compliment the exquisite orange stitches are very beautiful, and not at all representational of a particular holiday.  Nonetheless,  this pumpkin is for Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND it can also be Cinderella's Coach!  I'm sure, too, with a little imagination, maybe the Easter Bunny could reside inside come Spring.  If not, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater will most certainly claim it for his wife and she will love it!

I wish the photos were better, but I hope they have inspired you to take a road you have not considered before.  You may be surprised with the discoveries.  And it may turn out to be better than your original plans! 


  1. The stitcher's name is Christie Reeves, and she is an incredible stitcher. This is her own creation, we can only take credit for mailing the threads to her. Isn't it beautiful? She will be so delighted to see that you have put this out there for all the world to see. Thanks from us too, Sandy