Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today I was in a mood! After speaking briefly with Wendy of Aristeia, and she told me she was going to be watching The Wedding long distance with her good girlfriend back east, and also, because I had just subscribed to a wonderful new emag from Great Britian, I found myself 'in the mood' to celebrate too!

The magazine is called Bustle and Sew, and is truly a delightful little publication. Thank you De Selby of Spool magazine for alerting me to it! Here is a the web address to the Bustle and Sew blog. From there you can preview the magazine.

Here is a web address for the website of Spool magazine.

I highly recommend this publication to anyone who enjoys any type of needlework...from crochet, knitting, quilting, cross stitch, name but a few! (Plus I am featured in the latest Spring issue! she modestly says...)

But I digress. On with IN HONOR OF.....
So, I printed and made a penant banner of paper flags, courtesy of Helen of Bustle and Sew mag. I hung them up on the frame of the wrought iron canopy bed in our guest room. My husband watches tv in that room, and I did this to lovingly annoy him! He is SO not interested in The Wedding!

But, to get back into his good graces, I made a batch of scones for His Grace. I don't bake often, so this was a big deal at our house. Boy, did the house smell divine! I made Butterscotch chip and walnut scones. He was very happy this afternoon when he had some for an afternoon snack! And he was reading Dickens, his favorite author in all the world, as he enjoyed his snack. He was dying to find out what happened to Little Emily!

Finally, this blogpost would not be complete unless I posted (again!) my most Princessy of Princess canvas designs ...My Princess Chandelier. One of these days, I will stitch it with all the glorious threads available to us stitchers, and embellish it with all the equally glorious beads, sequins and jewels (think Sundance Designs for your embellishing needs!). Perhaps you might decide to do so also before I can get around to it! It would certainly be a royal effort..and priceless, don't you think?