Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Flowers

Teaching "Summer Flowers" at BeStitched this weekend in Scottsdale, AZ was a highlight of my summer!  Yes..I'm still counting September as Summer, although technically, it ushers Fall.  My husband told me that the temps dropped down into the 50's at our house Saturday night, while I was gone!

I think all of my students, as well as myself, were very happy with the experience we collectively shared at BeStitched.  I'm now referring to the shop as the "SPA Stitching Store" because those BeStitched ladies know how to pamper!  My oh My!  We were all indulged with little gifts, gourmet lunches, snacks, drinks, superior customer service, and a beautiful ambiance that included stunning fresh flower arrangements, bright natural lighting, plush seating, and charming, colorful decor.

My class was great!  The women who attended were eager and willing to learn new techniques,  seeming to enjoy themselves and the project.  I appreciated their positive attitudes and positive feedbacks!  There are few activites more satisfying than spending a day with friends, stitching, learning, AND being catered to, as Lisa and Jeannine were prone to do! 

Have you ever been served an upside down scrumptious cupcake?  As Jeannine remarked, "More Frosting!"

I'm sharing two videos that were filmed during my class presentation.  These are tips for techniques that can be utilized by any stitcher.  The first one shown here deals with an easy way to enlarge a canvas hole without breaking the threads.

 Click the link below for advice on how to choose the right decorative paper to create a custom mat for your needlework (or any artwork, I might add!).

Next on the docket:  Teaching "Pumpkin Spice" at NeedleWorks in Austin, TX!  Check back next week for a new blog post on that project.  By then, summer will definitely be over, and fall will have arrived!  At least in my mind!


  1. How clever with the scrapbooking paper!

  2. Barbara,
    I love your design. The link to Facebook didn't work, is there another way to view the matting video?

  3. Bobbi,

    I'm still working on getting that video embedded here in my blog. I was having lots of problems. In the meantime, find the BeStitched page on Facebook and 'like' their page so you can view it. I think that should work.

  4. Hi Barbara,

    What a fun place to take a class! I am so happy you had a great time teaching there. Everything looks lovely!

  5. UPDATE: Got a good link now for the scrapbook paper video.