Monday, September 19, 2011

Have Needlepoint, Will Travel!

Last year, about this time, I was in Florida having a grand time visiting my daughter and her family.  Florida in Fall is Fabulous!  This year, I'm going to be traveling as well, but I'll be going to Austin, TX, which I've heard, is pretty fabulous too!

Fortunately, all those wildfires are now over, and I hope the smoke in the air is gone for good!  My heart goes out to all the people whose homes were lost in that terrible tragedy.  It is hard for me to even imagine the devastation and loss.

I'm going to focus on bringing some stitching joy to Austin, and The NeedleWorks, where I'll be teaching my little fall fashion icon, Pumpkin Spice.  There are so many wonderful threads, techniques, beads, colors, and embellishments to use on this piece.  I am excited to share what I have learned in designing and stitching it.

The class will be held on Oct. 1st and 2nd, and from what I've heard, the shop is nothing short of a  stitching paradise...warm, welcoming, inspiring in every way.  The owner, Colleen Church, designed it to be that way, from scratch!  I can hardly wait to get there, and hope to see you there too!

When I look at this piece, I can't help but remember my little grandson who was so captivated by the project.  I had brought it with me to stitch (one cannot leave stitching home alone!), and this child has loved 'punkins' since he was a baby.  I mean, he LOVES them!  He was by my side every moment I brought it out, helping me pull the needle through the canvas, putting a bead on when needed, helping me select the colors.   He was the best helper!

 He was so enthralled with the idea of stitching his own punkin, that I helped him do just that!  He painted his own canvas, and learned to stitch his very own piece!  I blogged about this before, but I'm posting some of the photos again because ....I Can!

 That year, we went to TWO punkin patches to find the perfect punkins to decorate the house with.  I was in punkin heaven myself!  Never have I seen so many beautiful pumpkins and so many varieties!  Arizona just does not seem to get such a bounty to choose from. 

Well, no matter......whether we ever see such a gorgeous variety of punkin produce or not in Arizona, Miss Pumpkin Spice has enough gorgeous variety and color in her own right!  She will grace my home with fall flavor...maybe I'll even catch a wiff of cooler air when I look at her.  And  of course, she will always hold my precious memories....


  1. great story and what a handsome little man!

  2. Charming! The details on this piece are wonderful, Barbara. I love all the stitches and especially the tiny little owl.

  3. Oh Barbara another lovely design! Just love this one. :) Wish I could take that class. Love how your grandson enjoys what you do. I love pumpkins too so that makes THREE OF US! LOL
    I think he will follow in your footsteps with the stitching! He is adorable.