Monday, July 4, 2011

Everything Old is ....

You know that old saying...."Everything Old is New Again?"  Well, it just isn't true!  I'm sorry, Old is Old.  I'm old so where are my old, new knees?  Where are my old, new youthful cheeks?  My old, new slim waistline?  Gone.  All gone, and they aren't coming back! 

Sigh.  I suppose whomever said that, wasn't thinking of me.  I think they might have been thinking about fashion, or literature, or furniture, or maybe even....needlepoint designs?  You see, I'm currently painting an 'old' design for a customer.  This is a design that I created in 1993, and I have not painted it for at least 13 years..maybe longer.  But, here I am, painting what I hope is a timeless design that appeals to those who love nostalgia and the softer side of life.

Oh oh!  There I go again!  I'm definitely enjoying the softer side of life right now, and it ain't so pretty.  But this young lady is pretty, and I love painting her again. 

The canvas is quite large, as canvases go.  28"X36".  I'm painting it on 14mesh canvas.  You might say, why not #13?  Well, in my humble opinion, you just cannot get the fine detail when you produce a design like this on #13.  The original is on #18, but #14 is working out just fine. 

Do you remember when you were a child (particularly if you were a girl), of dressing your cat in doll clothes?  (The poor little things!)  What little girl didn't do that?  Oh yes...those were the good 'ol days.  In the good 'ol days, I never had hair like this little girl, but I can sure paint it.  That's the beauty of being an artist.  You can create anything you like!

I hope the stitcher will love bringing this nostalgic scene to life with wonderful threads, ribbons, and interesting stitches.  And I hope the stitcher will get busy on it right away, before I'm too old to remember that I designed and painted it!


  1. Well, it IS beautiful.

    I always wonder if my cells are constantly splitting and making new tissue--how come it's still 67 years old?

  2. Thanks Linda! You know...I wonder the same thing!
    Where are the New Cells? Huh? I'd like them to show up!

  3. This is still a beautiful canvas. Are you still painting the stacked teacup canvas that resembles this one?

  4. Hi Peggi,

    I will paint any canvas upon request, even those that have been retired.
    Thanks for asking!

  5. Stopped over from "stitchin' fingers" and enjoyed your blog while glued to the AC (over 100 F. in Tunisia). Your painted canvases are so lovely. I agree with you on the old not always being new...
    best, nadia