Monday, May 17, 2010

Quilt Challenge...Votes needed!

Hi to my blog friends,

This blog is going to be a plea for votes!  I entered a quilt challenge at Quilting Arts Magazine online, and the prize is a fabulous new Bernina sewing machine, the winner based entirely on the number of votes received by an entry.

My current sewing machine is 35 yrs. old, and while it has served me well over the years, I am ready for a new one with all the bells and whistles!  I have needlepoint finishing to do, plus many creative ideas to implement with a new sewing machine.  What better way to acquire one than by winning!

Here is a photo of the challenge inspiration.

I have found it very inspiring to see all the entries so far, as they are all quite different and reflect each person's imagination in rendering the swan.  It is not unlike a tv show challenge on the food network or HGTV, where one is given unusual ingredients or unexpected materials to decorate a room with.   That said, I think I have figured out why the winner is the result of the highest number of votes:  the magazine acquires possible new subscribers!  Please understand, however, that you DO NOT have to subscribe.  You can just vote.  You may have to sign up on the quilting forum, but can later unsubscribe.  I know it may be a lot of trouble, but it would be VERY appreciated by me!  My entry is titled "Once upon a time..." and is posted by stitchgirl2.  Go to:

So, here is my entry.  I created it in 3 days, and it was a challenge for me all right!  My sewing machine is are my machine quilting skills!  Nonetheless, I enjoyed creating this very much.  Not sure what I will do with it...maybe use it as an inspiration for a new needlepoint canvas?  Please let me know if that would be of interest to any of you....

Here are a few close ups of the stitching.  I was unable to upload these to the quilting contest website.

I hope my fairy tale interpretation of the swan with nest has a Happily Ever After ending for me with a new machine!  Thanks in advance for your votes!

Again, here is the link to vote:


  1. Hi Barbara,
    I am ready to vote... is there a link you can post? Your quilt is wonderful! Thanks, Robin

  2. I found the link, registered and voted. LOVELY job, Barbara. Your work is wonderful.