Friday, March 26, 2010

Stitching to Move....

I must be trying to stay young or something by challenging my brain!  I'm giving this new blog site a try.  It is not that I don't have enough to stitching each night, painting canvases by day, working on my taxes, taking care of family, doing household chores, or attending to the myriad of other things that require my time and energy.  But here I am, and I hope this works out!

It is Spring here in Southern AZ, and that means Summer could be tomorrow.  Literally, one could wake up in the morning and discover it is time to turn on the air conditioning!  But, so far so good.  Frankly, I enjoy the heat.  I'm a true Arizona girl through and through.  Give me heat over cold any day!  I would like to share a few Spring time images with you all here, while it is still cool enough to enjoy them.  I hope they will inspire you to start a new stitching project that is fresh and new too!

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  1. Barbara,
    This is lovely and, indeed, inspires me to ferret out some new spring projects. Your art is truly lovely and brings beauty and peace to our otherwise hectic and chaotic lives. Thank you.

  2. Barbara,this is a great site you have put together. Very beautiful. I love the Smile Box concept. All of the designs are just lovely. I love the ribbon use, am dying to use it.
    Thank you...Jeannine Bartnicki

  3. Thank you guys for the kind words! I'm trying to get this blogging and website business down. Not easy for an old brain!

  4. Barbara, great blog. I have it bookmarked and will visit often. Regarding the Heat... like they say in Memphis, it's not the heat; it's the humidity.

  5. Hahaha Robin! Like they say in Tucson, it's a
    DRY heat!

  6. Barbara, love the new blog along with the stitchy ladies canvases!